Help with a pattern

I am now making the Darling Buds Hoodie from Simply knitting March 2010 issue 64. I am at the hood part and was reading the directions and I dont understand what this means:
Rows 1-6 set cable pattern, keeping continuity of cable patt as set (throughout) and starting with 7th row of pattern as given for back between asterisks, cont until hood measures 9 1/2".
Ok so what I don’t understand is that the instructions for the first 6 rows include some cables and bobbles that are NOT included between the asterisks of the back. So my question is do I start the the 1st row with the added cables and bobble and then continue with the 7th row of the back pattern?
I hope this makes sense to everyone.
Thanks Greta

Yes, I believe you’ll work the first 6 rows as given for the hood (this sets the cable pattern) and then start working the chart for row 7.

If you look at the pictures on Ravelry, it looks like you want to position of the bobbles and cable according to rows 1-6. That looks like several bobble repeats on either side of a central aran diamond pattern. I would follow this set up, starting the hoodie on row 7 (between the asterisks) of the back which probably shows you how to shift sts for the diamond pattern and what rows to repeat the bobbles on. The number of bobbles comes from row 1-6.