Help with a pattern

I’m making this “3 way cap” and I just have this feeling I’ve been doing it wrong.

Here’s the link:

So, I’m at row 9 or 10 and now I’m suddenly 2nd guessing myself because I suddenly looked down at the picture of the v-stitch that they show and my hat doesn’t look anything like that! :??

Let’s just take one line:

[SIZE=3]Rnd 6:Sl st in next ch-1 sp,Beg V-st in same sp,(dc in sp between next 2 st)4 times.*V-st in next ch-1 sp,(dc in sp between next 2 st)4 times.Rep from * around.Join(60 dc).[/SIZE]

So it has the stitch in ( ) and then 4times after it. Does the 4 times instruction only apply to whatever is in the ( )? I think that’s where I’m getting nervous. I’m starting to get low on yarn (I thought for sure I had enough!) and so now I think I did something that used too much yarn.

:lol::lol: Oh gosh! :lol::lol: I can’t help but laugh at myself because, if I’m not obsessing, I think something’s wrong. Pathetic I say!



Ok, well I guess I’m doing it right then. Thanks.