Help with a pattern!

So I bought a pattern for a cropped sweater from Etsy. It calls for bulky weight yarn (designer used Red Heart Hygee) and size 6.5 needles. The gauge listed is 16 stitches/26 rows is 4 inches. For the size small, bust 40 inches (designed to chose 4-6 inches larger than actual bust), you cast on 120 stitches. According to her gauge, wouldn’t you need to cast on 180 stitches for a 40 inch bust? If you cast on 120 stitches, your bust would be 30 inches. All help appreciated! New knitter here!

What pattern is this? The cast on is rarely the same st cnt as the bust. If you look further down the pattern, it should have instructions telling you to do inc sts before the bust.


It’s this (

I can’t find any increases in the pattern. You work from bottom to the top for 8 inches. Then you separate the front and back to shape the shoulders and neck. I don’t see any increasing stitches.

Hmm, so it’s knitted in the round up to the armscye with no increases.

I also make that 120 sts at 16 sts per 4 inches would give you a circumference of 30 inches.

Can you show us the measurements/sizes, gauge and cast-on numbers? (Don’t post a large section of the pattern, just the relevant parts.)

Also, does the pattern have a schematic (diagram showing key measurements for each size)?

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image image

I think this is the schematic image

Update: I contacted the seller on Etsy and the gauge should be 12 stitches and 16 rows gives 4 inches. It was a typo. Other people had made the pattern before but none had checked or questioned the gauge.