Help with a pattern

Thanks for being there for me in advance. I have knit for many years although have not in recent years. I am currently working on a Softee chunky Bernat pattern from the 2012 Autumn knits book #530190. I am knitting the “into the woods coat”. Unfortunately I have the first part of the pattern cable pattern and row 1 instructions damaged and cannot read it. Picture attached

My question is, does anyone happen to have this pattern book and if so would you be willing to share this small section via a picture. I will be very grateful if you can.

Thank you very much

Welcome to KH!
Gorgeous coat. You might work the rows 2-20 with scrap yarn and figure out from there what row 1 should be.
Have you tried writing to Bernat and attaching the photo of the page with the name of the pattern? They may help. Also, what about writing to the last person who knit the coat and posted on Ravelry?