Help with a pattern

Hi. I haven’t been knitting very long and I have a question about a pattern. I’m trying to do a small swatch to see what the pattern will look like but I’m wondering how many stitches I need to cast on to make this pattern? It states:
K2tog, k2, yo, k1, yo, k2, slip 1, k1, psso
I count 9 stitches but a friend counts 10. I tried a sample with both but I can’t get the 10 stitches to work. Can someone please help?

You need a multiple of 9 stitches + optionally some border stitches:

K2tog: 2 stitches
k2: 2 stitches
yo: 0 stitches (it compensates the stitch that got eaten up in the first step)
k1: 1 stitch
yo: 0 stitches (it compensates the stitch that get eaten up in the last step)
k2: 2 stitches
slip 1, k1, psso: 2 stitches. (This could be replaced with SSK, if you want)
Totally: 9 stitches

EDIT: When I first wrote this post I was sleepy and did a mistake with the last instructions.


Hi and thank you for the help. I’ve tried the pattern over and over and while on paper it makes sense, knitting it will only come out with 9 stitches. And I left the border stitches off. Here is what I get on my needles,
K2tog = 1
K2 = 2
Yo = 1 because it is still a stitch on the needle
K1 = 1
Yo = 1
K2 = 2
Slip1, k1, psso = 1 because you slip a stitch onto the needle, then you have your 1 stitch you knit but then the slipped stitch is passed over so it doesn’t count
Does this make sense?
Thank you.


Yes, it makes sense. What you wrote is the output and what I wrote above is the input.

Thank you! I am so glad you came out with 9 stitches as well! For the entire day yesterday I kept playing around with it to make sure 9 stitches were right. It will take me a long time to knit this since I’m pretty new to knitting and my son and daughter-in-law are going to have their first baby so I need to get started! Thank you!