Help with a pattern


Hi I am Natalie,
I am stuck on this part of my pattern. It is a sleeveless tank and I am not sure I am reading this right,
Shape Shoulders and Neck: Next Row (RS):
Bind off 2(3-4-4-5-6), k until there are 3(3-4-5-6-6)
sts on RH needle, join another hank of yarn and
bind off center 22 sts, k to end.
this is the pattern up to this point so the part above here makes better sense;
Cast on 51(57-63-69-75-81) sts.
Establish Pat St: Row 1 (RS): Work Row 1 of Pat
St over 6 sts, place marker, k to end.
Row 2: P to marker, sl marker, work Row 2 of Pat St
to end. Work even in pat as established until piece
measures 131⁄2(131⁄2-14-14-141⁄2-141⁄2)” from beg,
end on WS.
Shape Armholes: Row 1 (RS): Bind off 5 sts of Pat
St, k to end, dropping marker – 46(52-58-64-70-76)
Row 2: Bind off 4 sts, p to end – 42(48-54-60-66-
72) sts.
Dec Row (RS): K3, k2 tog, k to last 5 sts, SSK, k3 –
40(46-52-58-64-70) sts. Rep this dec every RS row
3(5-6-8-9-11) times more – 34(36-40-42-46-48) sts.
Work even until armholes measure 7(71⁄2-8-81⁄2-9-
91⁄2)”, end on WS.
So you’ve done the under arm part and come up the sides now it’s the shoulders and I am overall having difficulty understanding this part. It just seems odd. I am somewhat a new knitter with only a few pieces under my belt so still learning and any help would be greatly appreciated.



At the bolded section you’re binding off for the center neck and you’ll have the right and left shoulders on the needle, each shoulder with its own ball of yarn. For the smallest size for example, bind off 2sts, knit until there are 3sts on the right needle. Join the 2nd ball of yarn and bind off the next 22sts (this is the center neck), then knit to the end.

What is the name of your pattern?


I attached a link to the pattern in my post.
I get the center part but it starts out with binding off which is on the side. That is what I don’t understand.

looking at the flat pattern it doesn’t look like the sides cut in first and then go up to the shoulder, or does it? cause to me the binding off on one side and then the part for one shoulder then bind off the center and the other shoulder but no bind off on that side. Huh?
I’ve done a piece where I had to split and join another yarn so I understand that, it’s just the starting with binding off on only one side and not the same on the other side.


Hi, your pattern is asking you to work a ‘stair step’ shoulder bind off ,which will look like a set of steps, to shape the shoulders. You do make decreases on both outer edges.
In your pattern, at the shoulder and neck shaping section, it starts on a RS you work across the row, following directions and adding in a new ball of yarn, then you turn and work the following row (WS) where you decrease on the outer edge of the opposite shoulder. This decrease matches what you did on the previous row.
Hope this helps you to understand,enjoy your knitting.


Oh thankyou! Yes i understand now.
This was a huge help.
I sincerely appreciate the help.


I understood what you said, putting into practice brought up another question.
I have only 46 stiches. The pattern calls for 5 binded off 6kn and new hank bind off 22 more kn rest. Ws bind off again 5. I may be missing something but now there is only 6 sts on each side.
Then the pattern says bind off 5 sts at beg of 2 more rows? Huh? There arent enough sts. I am using the 2nd to highest size.
I know im missing something.
Once i get over this hoop i know ill be good from here.


OK, you’ve turned to the WS row and bound off 5sts at the armhole edge. Continue on this WS row purling 2 tog where indicated. Now turn to the RS row, bind off 5sts (that’s all that remains for the first shoulder), knit across the second shoulder to the end, turn to the WS and bind off 5sts which finishes off the sts on that shoulder.