Help with a pattern


Hello to all. I am a fairly new knitter. I am making a baby blanket which is 26” in width and would like to increase it to 30”. The pattern, Dotted Swiss Baby Throw, Plymouth Pattern # F867, states Pattern is a multiple of 4+3+20(border stitches.). So I am not too certain how many more st. to cast on? The gauge is 20sts. =4”. So I need to increase by 30 ? st.


Hi, if the gauge is 20sts/ 4’’ and if your knitting gauge matches the pattern’s gauge with the yarn and needles you are using then,as you only want to increase the overall width by 4’’, you just need to add 20 sts. The pattern has a repeat of [multiples of 4] + 3sts + 20(border sts)
Hope this helps, enjoy your knitting.
Edited to add pattern link for reference


Thank you. What then does the +3 mean? 20 st. +3= 23 st. Sorry to be so inept.


I expect the pattern shifts after working x amount of rows, the 3 sts allow for the pattern shift.
There are no wrong questions - it’s how we all learn :smile:


:hugs: Thank you so very much. Will cast on 20 extra st.