Help with a pattern!!

I’ve done this so many times and always end up with extra stitches can anyone tell me what I’m doing wrong??? I’ve never made it to the first row because I can’t get my add on row right

Hi and welcome!
Can you give us some more information? What is the name of the pattern? What size are you making? What is the abbreviation “u” or “p, u, k”?

Hello and thank you!! So the same of the pattern is his and her aran sweaters and I uploaded a picture of the abbreviations and what it should look like. We’re doing the largest size so the 115 stitches. Somehow I’m pretty sure we’re doing the p.u.k wrong. Will this work for you? :upside_down_face:

Okay this is sad but we finally figured it out thank you for the help!!

Great, that’s the best solution!