Help with a pattern

Hi everyone.

I am knitting a bolero and I have trouble with the ornamental border. The pattern has photo instructions but i still can’t understand what to do. Could anyone help me?

If there is a video for this ornamental border would be very helpfulo.

Thank you

Can you give us the name of the pattern or a link to it?
It looks like you drop the next stitch and let it ladder down.
Take the tip of the right needle ans insert it under the ladder from front to back.
Let the tip protrude through the space between the top rung and the lower 5 or so rungs from back to front.
Grab that top rung or strand and bring it through to the front under all the other strands and place it on the left needle.
Knit that new stitch and proceed.

I’m not sure this description helps but maybe added to the photos you can make it work. I’d try it out on a small swatch first. If i can find a video, i’ll post it here.


This is the link to the pattern: You won’t be able to read it though because it is not free.![pattern%202|779x1200]
As you see I have uploaded the files . I am not sure whether you can see the files or not.
If you can see them I would appreciate any additional help.
Thank you

Thanks for the pattern link. That works and gives us a photo of the finished bolero.
Would you please edit your post (use the pencil icon in the lower right). We run into copyright problems if large portions of a pattern are posted here.
Have you gottn the border stitch to work?

Hi again
Ok. I will do so. I think i am almost there. One more question though. What about the stitch that will be dropped down? I will leave it undone? Won’t I knit this stitch?

Just let that stitch drop off the left needle and ladder all the way down to the cast on. All you’ll have left will be the strands from the laddered sts. That stitch will be replaced when you pull the loop around the cast on and up and place it on the left hand needle.

I got it! Finally! Thank you very much for your help.

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Oh, well done you! We’d love to see a photo of the finished sweater.