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After finishing the front and back of the Elation Ribbed Arn. I have shaped the shoulders and cast off. for the Finishing it states Using a fine backstitch, joining shoulder seams. Is there a good video that shows how a beginner can do this? Or can someone make it very clear step by step how to?

Here is the link for Elation Ribbed Aran -


Here’s a video for back stitch on knitting. It works very well to join pieces of a sweater.

Congrats on almost finishing this very elegant sweater!

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Thank you the video really helped and now that I have the shoulder seams sewn together. I am ready to start work on the collar it states using # 7 circular needle pick up 12 sts down left side of neck, (if I understand this is the side closer to the neck opposite the sleeve side) work stitches from holder in pattern,12 sts to shoulder seam, pick up 10 sts down side of neck work stitches from holder in pattern, pick up 10 sts from other side of neck. If I understand these instructions all this work is done on the neck edge, and do you know of a good video to pick up the sts using a circular needle?

Collar Starting at shoulder seam and using 4.50mm circular needle, pick up 12 sts down left side neck, work across sts from st holder as follows: (k2, p1, p2tog) to last 2 sts, k2. Pick up 12 sts to shoulder seam, pick up 10sts down down side of neck, work across sts from stitch holder as follows: (k2, p1, k2tog) to last 2sts, k2. Pick up 10 sts from other side of neck. Place marker to denote beginning of round. (128sts). Working in rounds (k2, p2) for 2” (5cms) ending at marker. Change to 5.00mm circular needle Inc row: (k2, p1, m1p, p1) to marker (160sts).
Next and following rounds: (k2, p3). Work 2” (5cms) finishing at marker. Change to 5.50mm circular needle. Inc row: (k1, m1k, k1, p2) to marker. (192)sts. Next and following rounds: k3, p3 for 2” (5cms) finishing at marker. Cast off loosely in rib.

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That all sounds correct for the collar picked up at the neck edge. Here’s a video that may help. I like to use a crochet hook to pick up sts but you can use the circular needle as shown in the video, too.

It helps to mark off sections of the neck so that you can pick up fairly evenly along each edge.
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