help with a pattern

I am knitting the hood to this sweater (James C Brett JB214) and it starts by casting on 1 st and by the end of 10 rows I have 7sts. The pattern then reads “1st to 10th row sets rice st. Work 38 rows inc 1 st at beg as before in next and every foll alt row. (26 sts). My question is…in that 11th row - which will be row 1 again, I have 7 sts, but row 1 reads K1, yfwd, K1 all into st. 3sts.
What do I do with the other 4 stitches I have on my needle? and every even row has a m1 in it - do I do the m1? this will be way more than 26 stitches
Any help would be appreciated :slight_smile:

It may be that row 1 is more of a set up row. Are there yarn over increases at the beginning of all the odd rows and m1 on the even rows? I’m trying to see how the math works out.

rows 2, 4, 6, 8, 10 are just knit rows - but row has a yfwd and rows 3, 5, 7, 9 have a m1

For the next 38 rows, do the m1 increase on all the odd rows. Don’t repeat row 1 as given. That does appear to be a set up row Replace row 1 with a m1 row.
That’ll increase by 19sts which added to your 7sts will be 26sts.
Of course, as you knit these rows and make the increases, you’ll be increasing the number of sts per row so you won’t be able to follow the exact pattern as written across the row. .