Help with a pattern

Can someone please explain what I am to do with the front, row 1 asks to work 13sts row 1 cable patt etc…firstly I don’t understand if you do row 1 it only adds to 59 sts and secondly, where is row 2?? As the pattern says ‘these two rows set the patt…’???

Hi and welcome!
Is this the Debbie Bliss Home pattern book? I couldn’t find errata for this pattern but it’s probably out there.
Just looking at it, it seems that you should
K1 (p1,k1)x4,p1, [work 13stitch cable/bobble pattern, (p1,k1)x5] x3.
That’s give you the 4 moss stitch panels and 3 cable panels. It add up to 79 sts so you’d have to make 2 more increases (perhaps at the ends)
Row 2 is probably “work sts of the cable panel as they appear and continue the moss stitch pattern”