Help with a pattern sizing please! I'm confused!

Hey there! I’m trying to get my head around substituting for a Kate Davies cardigan pattern.

I have Aran weight wool I’d like to use, however the pattern calls for 2 ply jumper weight, do I go with 4.5-5mm needles recommended for Aran and go down a couple of sizes on the pattern? Or do I use larger needles than required for Aran weight? Or smaller ones? (I’m usually a confident crocheter so this is all very confusing!) I tried to do a swatch with 6mm needles and it came out 16 st for 10cm (the pattern called for 30 st for 10cm on a 2.75 needle.) Does that mean that I have to knit on 3mm needles? How do I work out which size I need to follow in the pattern if I do this? Argh I’m so confused!
Thank you for any help you can give me!
Jo :grinning:

Please give us an actual pattern name and link if possible. Every pattern is different and it’s hard to guess.

It sounds like the yarn you chose is a very different weight than suggested though. The best way to work out needle sizes is to continue testing different needles till you get closer to gauge. Start by going up or down a needle size and see if it gets you closer.

Thank you for your quick reply! :grinning:

Above is the link…if I find the right needles for the gauge do I knit my usual size or do I have to go down a size?

Thank you! Jo :cherry_blossom:

That’s going to be really, really stiff if you knit Aran weight tight enough to make gauge.

There are other cardigan patterns you could use that are Aran weight to begin with. If you get the right stitch count for the pattern repeat, then use the charts to knit in the color design, you’ll have a soft sweater rather than an excessively stiff and heavy one.

It’s going to be heavier overall than the original no matter what. That isn’t necessarily bad, it’s just something to think about.

Thank you for your help! Maybe I need to reconsider my yarn choice…I’ve just got lots of Aran with 20% wool lying around! Jo