Help with a pattern please

My name is Kerianne and I am new here and very new to knitting… I am starting to get brave with patterns – This one was listed as easy but has me stuck!!
The pattern address is
I am stuck at the end of the 1st “short row” I end up with 2 stitches not knitted yet and the yarn over makes 3 – what do I do with them?? Do I “turn” before I pay attention to them or do something with them 1st??
Any help would be greatly appreciated!
Thanks so much!

Yes, you would just leave the extra sts on the needle and do the next row. The pattern notes also say
"When you reach this turning point while working a subsequent row, work as follows: Knit to the yo, then knit the yo together with the following stitch. This will close the hole that would otherwise be formed by the short row."

So on a later row, you knit the YO with the next st and you will knit any remaining sts.

but isn’t the yarn over before the stitches that are skipped on each short row?? that would still leave them hanging out there –
thanks so much for your help, I really appreciate the time you’ve taken!!

Thanks so much for your help!!