Help with a pattern please!

I’m somewhat new at knitting…

I’m making a mitten. So my pattern says:
K2, right increase, knit to marker, left increase, slip marker, knit around…

My question- If I knit to the marker, obviously the next thing I have to do is slip the marker to the right needle and then increase (I’m AT the marker). If I’m at the marker, how do I do a left increase first and then slip the marker after??? Do I move it over one? I’m a little confused!

Any help would be great. Thanks!

I think that the increases they are referring to are M1L and M1R. There are videos for both here. You don’t actually use an existing stitch to make this type of increase, you use the strand between two stitches, so that is why you can knit all the way to the marker and still make the increase before slipping the marker.

Hmmm… okay, I see what you mean. Thank you! :slight_smile: