Help with a pattern please

Hi all

I hope somebody can help me understand these instructions. I have copied in part of the pattern below .
I have completed as far as 10th row, however I don’t understand the instruction beginning ‘work 4 rows…’ It states to m1 st in next and following alt row, but if I go back to row 1 in the pattern , there is no m1 st in that row, so is that the correct row to add the stitch, and if so would I add it before the P2?

Many thanks

I am struggling to understand an instruction in my pattern- I have copied the pattern instructions in below.
I have completed as far as 10th row, but am confused by ‘Work 4 rows…, m1 st as before in next and following alt row’
If I go back to row 1 this doesn’t contain a m1 st so do I just add one before the P2 in that row?

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What is the name of your pattern?
The directions want you to now work 4 rows with the m1 in the same place as row 3 for example, before the P2 . From now on, don’t work the m1s in rows 1-10 as given. Only work the m1s as directed at the bottom of column 3 on the page you posted.
You’ll work the m1 on row 1 and row 3 and then every 4th row starting with row 7, 11 and 15 (7, 1 and 5 in the pattern stitch).

Thank you so much - that makes sense now