Help with a pattern, please

I’m at row 75 in the attached pattern.

What worries me is that as I interpret the pattern the math doesn’t make sense to me.

109 stitches are cast on.
If 51 of those stitches are knit, then 2 are used for the 2 Knit together…that’s 53 of the 109, then there’s a knit 1, increase 1, Knit 1, increase 1, knit 1. This takes up 5 more stitches. So now 58 of the 109 have been “used”. Then the SKPO takes up two more stitches…so 60 of the 109 have been “used”. That leaves 49 stitches left to be knit…not 51 as the pattern indicates.

I completed this row and essentially un-knitted when I realized I only had 49 stitches left.

Would appreciate some guidance. I’m new to knitting so feel free to oversimplify. :blush:

Welcome to KnittingHelp!
The difference in stitch counts is due to the way you make the increases. The pattern requires an increase between sts (a M1) rather than an increase in a stitch (i.e. a kfb).

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