Help with a pattern. knitter

Im starting a pattern called the Devonshire scarf, on row 2 and all even rows it says knit the knits and purl the purls so does that mean i have to look at each stitch and either knit it or purl it? And if so what do i do when i come to a yarn over? Do i knit a yo or purl it?? I watched the video that was posted about this but im still not sure what to do when i get to a yarn over???

Welcome Lori69!
Purl the yarn overs unless the pattern tells you to do otherwise. I see you found the thread on knit the knits etc.
Lovely scarf.

Oh thank you so much!!! I just found this website and I LOVE IT!!! its so helpful, i have feeling I’ll be using it daily. Thanks again

Yay! Welcome to KH!