Help with a knitting pattern

Hello everyone,

I’m having a little trouble with a pattern design. I’ll paste the link here.

The pattern is from garnstudio. I’ve posted my queries there, but no help. I was hoping that i could get some help here.

q.1. where do i start from for the M.3 pattern on the sleeves. i know the instructions say start from the first stitch on the right side. but when i have to knit back from the WS the pattern is messed up.

I’m almost done with my sleeves but the last 24 rows of the M.3 pattern have stopped my progress. I’m knitting the XXL size of the design. I’ve followed the instructions but the M.3 pattern gets messed up. the number of sts i’ll have in my size measurement are 98 sts. the M.3 pattern consists of 18 sts. The last 5 sts are confusing. Please could some one help.

Thank you

Thanks for the pattern link. I’m not sure that the st number you give for your size matches up to that given in the pattern. At the end of the increases it’s: 86-90-94-98-102-104 sts or 102 for the XXL?
At any rate, I would follow the chart M.3 starting at the right and repeat as many times as needed (5 times) and then repeat part of the chart to finish out the row. When you finish the row, note where on the chart you ended row 1. You should begin row 2 on that same box in the second row of the chart.

If your size is the XXL you end the RS row where the arrow for that size points to, then start the WS row with the same stitch and read it back to the right.

Mine would be the 98 sts after the increase. Yes you’re right, after repeating the pattern 5 times i end up with 5 sts from the 6th repeat. yeah it makes sense that i should start my WS from that same st. Thanks alot. I’ll let you know how that came out as.

Thank you soooo much to both who replied to my message.:muah: The pattern came out perfect. I’ve finished the sleeves now working on the front of the jumper. I might come back to ask help for the neck :teehee: , but for now, Thanks you loads. :knitting: