Help with a knitting pattern

the following special abbreviation is n my pattern for a diamond Cushion and I can’t work it out, please help
C: knit 1 st, leaving old st on left needles , twist the new stitch and leave it on the left needle; repeat 6 times from), cast off the new 7st

Can you tell us the name of the pattern and provide a link if possible please? Don’t post the actual pattern here due to copyright issues. If it’s from a book just pattern name will be helpful.

Design & pattern
by Konrad Siebenhüter

Basically it seems to be a knitted cast on. You then bind off the new stitches and get that sticking out thing going.

tendrils on cushion

Because it’s so much fun finding a Rowan pattern and then getting the download I thought including the picture was a good idea. I also gave my take on the instructions but if someone who knows better says different then go with them.

Trying for a link to the download page. You do have to be signed in.

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thank you but i dont get the left hand needle bit or do you cast off as you do them

If you skip up to just past 2:00 in this video he shows a knitted cast on. In the video it’s at the end of the row. Just work to the point you’red to add stitches, cast on 7 stitches then bind off the new stitches.

Is this your pattern? If so I can not download the pattern

Knit 1 stitch - do not drop the stitch off the left needle when you knit new stitch to right needle Twist that new knit stitch and put it back on the left needle Repeat this 6 times giving you 7 stitches. To twist stitch just made you are bringing the back leg of stitch to the front and the front leg will now be in the back.