Help with a knitting pattern required please

Hi, I am knitting a baby’s jacket and am stuck on row 5.
It says K5, K2tog, yrn, K2 * K3, yrn, sl1, dec, psso, yrn, k2.
last ten sts K3, yrn, s1, k1, psso,k5.

I dont understand the dec (decrease) instruction. How do I do the decrease stitch?

There are 12 rows to the pattern and only this row has the decrease instruction.

Thanks for any help you can give,


It’s likely a k2tog but I agree that it’s confusing to substitute “dec” when it would be about as easy to write “k2tog”. That’ll maintain the stitch count across the row.
Check and see if there’s a glossary somewhere at the beginning of the pattern.

Thankyou I’ll try that. There is no glossary on the pattern only Abbreviations
Dec = decrease.