Help with a knitting pattern needed please!

Hello! I’ve posted before as a very new knitter and got some amazing help so it was the first place I thought when I was stumped again!

I’m attempting to knit " lacy top" here

It’s a paid pattern so I won’t reveal too much but basically I did a swatch then moved on to the pattern. It’s a 20 row repeat lace pattern worked in the round - there are written instructions and a chart.

Row 19 I’ll attach the instructions. The written starts with a k5 but the chart starts with k2tog k4

I was following the written instructions and now I’ve moved back to the first round of the pattern the stitch count is out so I went and checked the chart.

I already reached out to the designer regarding the stitch SSKPSSO as I couldnt find any reference to it online but worked it out in my Swatch that it’s slip 3, knit the 2 closest to the end and then pass over the first slipped stitch but now I’m pretty stumped!

I’m going to have to start again as I didn’t do any lifelines but just wondered what you more experienced guys and girls would do.

Follow the chart instead of the written? It only differs in this one line - I’ve checked!

Thanks in advance!

I love the lace. I also love that it’s charted.

SSKPSSO is slip, slip, knit, pass slipped stitches over. You slip two stitches. I prefer sskp as the abbreviated form because it’s easier to decode at a glance. If I copy a written pattern into a text document I go through and change sskpsso to sskp.

Personally I prefer a chart over long lines of written instructions.

The k2tog is in a box unto itself looking like it was tacked onto the chart. Is this decrease at the end of the previous pattern row of the written instructions? Someone smarter will have a better take on this.

Ahhh that makes more sense! Thankyou, I couldnt find any reference to it at all so that’s really helpful.

Yes it does seem out on a limb reading the written instructions it seems as if it’s just done at the start as the repeat lines up properly afterwards without it.

It’s going to take me a while to get to row 20 before I’m lost again as I’ve just cast it back on to restart so hopefully someone will have some insight :slight_smile:

I agree with GG. The k2tog doesn’t make sense with the written directions or the pattern repeat. There are 2 increases (the yarn overs) and the double decrease accounts for 2sts decreased, balancing out the row. If there’s a k2tog, the stitch count will keep decreasing and that’s clearly not intended.
Your knitting looks very nice with a lace pattern that will really come into its own with blocking.

(I’m surprised at the left leaning sskp because it occurs where you would expect a centered double decrease. But the sskp is used in almost all the Ravelry photos.)

I think I’d try both a cdd and a sskp then decide which one I prefer.

Thanks for the help both of you!

I’ve just made my way back to row 19 doing the sskp properly this time and had another question (sorry!)

The instructions for row 19 final pattern row say repeat to the last 2 stitches, sskp - you will using the first stitch of the beginning of the next round to complete the sskp. Place the marker back when you complete the sskp.

Will this not shift the pattern along a stitch every 20 rows?

Or when it says place the marker back does it mean move it back one before doing row 20 which is a full knit row before restarting the pattern at row 1.

Just don’t want to misinterpret and have to start it again :grimacing:

Thanks so much!

You will be able to replace the marker back where it was directly after finishing this last stitch, the sskpsso.

You are just borrowing a stitch from the next round. Working the sskpsso will require you to allow the beg of the round marker to drop off the needle in order to reach the borrowed stitch. Work the sskpsso which will then be in your right needle, slip this back to the left needle (point to point) place your marker on the right needle, slip the worked stitch back (point to point). You have now already worked stitch 1 of the new round. Continue with stitch 2 and the rest of the round.
The pattern won’t shift.

Hope this helps.

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It does thankyou!

Onwards and upwards!

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Thanks again for all the pointers! Just finished it off.

Going to give it a quick rinse and light blocking but it is a wiggly kind of wool so I doubt it will settle too much!

Really pleased with it :slight_smile:


Beautiful top and so nicely worked. Blocking will really bring out the lovely lace.

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Fabulous. That pattern didn’t shift it all looks perfectly in line. Thanks for sharing a photo, it’s lovely to see what people make.

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