Help with a knitting chart in Sandra's magazine


I am fairly new to using patterns with knitting charts and it seems to me that the one I want to do has a few errors in it… Can anyone help me?

The chart is for model 11 in the jan 2010 edition of Sandra. Here is a scan of it :

If I understand well, I need 29sts if I want to do only one rep of this pattern. No problem for row 1. It gets complicated at row 2, where I drop 1 sts, finishing with only 28 sts. On row three, it seems that I get 2 more sts at the end of the row. Shouldn’t I finish with the same amount of sts every row???

Thanks in advance!


No, some patterns change stitch counts every row.

Row 1 decs 2 sts and incs 2, so it should stay the same.
Row 2 decs 3 and incs 2, so you lose 1 st.
row 3 decs 4 and incs 4, stays the same.

You can go through the chart and count the incs and decs and know if you’re going to inc, lose or keep the same stitch number.

Thank you Suzeeq for your answer. I will do my tension check and try to figure the pattern.