Help with a jacket

Hi all. TIA for any help provided. Im making this.
Ive got the back done now Im starting on the lt front piece.
For the lt front piece it says decrease at side as described for back piece 41 sts. (started out with 45). So on the back you decreased 1 st each side 4 times for a total of 8 sts decreased. Obviously Im only going to decrease on one side for the lt front but it doesnt say what side. Also for the buttonholes it says bind off 5th front band st and cast on 1 new st on return row. Where am I casting on this stitch? By the bound off stitch?

The decs look like they’re at the side seam for shaping. So for the left front (left as you wear it), that would be the beginning of the row.

So you mean that I would do the decreases on the part that will be seamed together? The whole lt front right front thing confuses me so Im gonna have trouble cuz they say to mirror it for the right front I hate that!!! I like when they just rewrite the pattern for you for the other side.

Takes up too much space to write it twice with minor adjustments… Once you’ve done a cardigan you’ll understand how they’re put together and where shaping should go.

Anyway, yes, the side seam edge is where you do the decs, same as you did the decs on the back. That will also be the same side for the armhole shaping shaping. There’s at least a drawing/schematic of it so that helps; not all patterns provide one.