Help with a heel please

I’m knitting socks on 4needles, using a fifth needle to knit. I have 14 St on each needle. The instructions say, for the heel
"Knit the stitches from 1st needle to 4th (altogether you have 28 sts) leave the rest 28 sts to wait.
Turn the work, slip the first stitch purl wise, purl to the end."
I’m learning as I go , this is the first time I’ve used 4 needles. Consequently this is a bit confusing for me.
(I found a different sock pattern…) Should I knit on Two needles for the heel/reinforced heel?

If anyone can explain in Knitting For Absolute Beginners terms I’d be grateful :slight_smile:

Which pattern are you following? Can you give us a pattern name or a link?
It’s likely that for the heel, you’ll be knitting on two needles but it may help to see the pattern or even a photo.

This one still !

Yes, cuff-down, work the heel on 2 needles. You can read ahead and see where the pattern tells you to re-join the other held sts and likely go back to 4 needles.