Help With A Heel Flap

I’m ready to start my first pair of adult socks. I’ve knitted the pair of baby socks from this website, so I know a little bit about sock construction. The following directions have me a little bit confused

K14, turn work around and with the same needle p28 heel sts on one needle.

So, do I purl the 14 stitches I just knitted and then move on to the next 14 stitches to purl? That doesn’t seem right to me.

By the way, I’m using dpn’s. Can you help me wrap my head around this?

That sounds right. You would purl the last 14 stitches you knit plus another 14 all onto one needle to work the heel. You will be working those 28 stitches back and forth. There are quite a few minor variations on heels depending on the individual pattern.

I agree with PlantGoddess. You might want to take a look at Silver’s sock knitting tutorial. It has a lot of pictures that help to explain each part of the sock making process.