Help with a Drops pattern/potential daft question!

Hi all - quick, potentially daft, question…I’m just in the middle of the Drops College Days tank top and have finished the main body part in the round, have started the c/o for the armholes and about to transition to back and forth for the front piece. However, I think the only way I can continue is to start WS, otherwise I get a big old strand of wool running across the c/o section? OR do I cut the yarn and continue RS? No mention of either in the pattern!! I feel like continuing WS is going to be fine but wanted to just double check with some pros first!!

Link to the pattern is here:

and I’m just about to start the FRONT PIECE as per below…
On the next round cast off for the armholes, starting 3-3-3-4-4-4 stitches before the first marker; cast off 6-6-6-8-8-8 stitches (the marker sits in the middle of these stitches), work as before until there are 3-3-3-4-4-4 stitches left before the next marker, cast off the next 6-6-6-8-8-8 stitches (the marker sits in the middle of these stitches) and work to end of round. Front and back pieces are finished separately, back and forth on the needle.

= 68-76-82-88-98-108 stitches.
Work stocking stitch and cast off for the armholes on each side at the beginning of each row as follows: Cast off 2 stitches 1 time and 1 stitch 1-3-4-6-9-12 times = 62-66-70-72-76-80 stitches.

Hope that makes some sense?


You’ve got it. Start with the WS row. You’ll be working back and forth on this part which is the front. Since you’ve been working in the round and both pieces are the same, starting the front by working a WS row is fine. The row begins with the first cast off.

Amazing. Thank you so much. This place is the best!! :blush:

This forum IS the best! I have never remained stuck on a project for very long as someone is always willing and able to assist!

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