Help with a dropped stitch

Hi All,

Im really new to knitting and and have just started Paton’s big fab scarf pattern. It has been going well until I seemed to have dropped a stitch a few rows ago and i am now continuing to drop the same one.

The pattern is as follows:
K1, YO, drop YO from prev row, P1, YO, drop YO from prev row, repeat.

I now have 2 purl stitches next to each other with no YO inbetween and can’t see any way of correcting it. I cant even work out how I would unravel it as the yarn overs get missed.

I am about 2/3 of the way through the scarf and would actually cry if I had to start from scratch.

Please can anyone help…

Well, if that is the only row in the pattern you can rip back a few rows till you’re past the mistake row. In the video section under tips it gives info on fixing mistakes. You’re going to have to pay attention to the YO stitches so I’d probably go back stitch by stitch and see what the stitches look like.

You can pick up the yarn between the 2 knit stitches for the missed yo, you probably forgot to do one. Try that and if it doesn’t get you back on track, then rip back a couple rows till you have the right amount of stitches in the right places.

I can’t add anything to help, but would like to see the scarf pattern or a picture of the scarf. I’ve not been able to find it by searching. Could you please post a link, if possible? Thanks.