Help with a crochet pattern

Hi everyone! I’m attempting to crochet some flip top mittens and I could use a little help with the pattern. I know what the fpdtr stitch is, but I get confused with the pattern directions. I’ve included a picture of the section I’m having trouble with understanding, especially the pieces underlined. This is probably really simple, but any help would be appreciatedUploading...

Well the picture won’t upload, so here is a link to the pattern. The part I’m having difficulty with is on the second page, under Adult Size only round 5.

Round 5: Ch 2, dc in next 7 sts,
Fpdtr around next st 2 rows below,
dc in next st,
" skip next st,
Fpdtr around next st 2 rows below,
working over Fpdtr just made, Fpdtr around skipped st 2 rows below, "
dc in next st,
Fpdtr around next 2 rows below,
dc in last 8 sts; join with slip st in top of beginning ch-2 and turn

Maybe it’s the middle section in quotes that’s causing the problem? Skip a stitch, Fpdtr, then cross over that Fpdtr and make a Fpdtr into the skipped stitch. All of these Fpdtr are made into the stitch 2 rows below.
If that’s not the problem or this doesn’t help, come back and let us know. There are undoubtedly better crocheters than I on the forum.

Thanks and yes, that’s the exact piece that I’m having a problem understanding. Is it supposed to be making an “x” or something? Every time I think I have it figured out, I don’t. Lol.

Yes, exactly, it should make an X where the 2 Fpdtr’s cross.

I will give it another go. Seems like I have more than the 8 sts left for the DCs. Maybe I’ll write the pattern out line by line and see if that makes it easier to understand.

I was finally able to figure it out! :blush:


That worked out beautifully! The mitt looks much nicer than the photos with the pattern.
Very well done.

Thank you! You’re too kind. Now if I can just figure out the next part! lol