Help with a confusing pattern?

I was reading through this sweater pattern before I started, especially bc Ive never worked one flat and bottom up.

The neck shaping section has me confused. How am I meant to do the k2tog while still doing the raglan? Bc the raglan rows themselves have decreases at the beginning and ends and only one free st to work with.

The whole section just confuses me. Am I even right in that I’m meant to work the first rag. section to 72 (instead of 56 like the back) then do the second rag. section for the rest?

This is a long post but if anyone has literally any way of explaining I’d be super grateful.Screenshot_20220120-090956~2

Welcome to the forum!
What is the name of your pattern?
Is the first part of the directions for the back or is it back and front?
It’s not unusual to work neck shaping especially in the front at the same time as neck and shoulder shaping. The front is worked to 72sts so that you can work the neckline which is lower in front than in back.
For the front you’ll be working the two shoulders one at a time or if you prefer, both right and left shoulders at the same time with 2 balls of yarn. The shaping may get down to very few sts, in which case you would just work a decrease to get to the single stitch. This single stitch may become part of the sleeve cap anyway depending on the pattern.

I think this is one of those times when it makes much more sense when you have the work on the needles and can see exactly what is happening. The neck decreases sound confusing to do at the same time as the raglan shaping but they are at different ends of the row so it’s not as difficult once you are there with the stitches in front of you.

Plus you can always ask once you are at the point if you need more clarification, even posting a photo of your work in progress if you are unsure of what happens where.

I understand the caution though. I have never done a top down sweater and will likely be a bit lost when I do.
How fortunate we are to have this place to ask, it gives me so much more confidence.