Help with a coat pattern left tuck problem

Looking for help with left tuck. The pattern says to place 3 stitches on a cable needle and place in front, then 3 more stitches on another cable needle. Arrange the two cable needles with left needle at the back, the 2nd cable needle in the center, and the first cable needle in front. Knit the first stitch from each needle together. Repeat 2 more times making sure to knit the last stitch of the top needle in the row below - 6 decreased stitches !

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This is starts off like a 3-needle bind off, except that you’ll have 4 needles involved counting the right needle.

The 3-needle bind off starts with sts on one needle in front of the sts on a second needle. You’ll have 3 needles, one in front of the other.
left needle --------
cable 2 ------------
cable 1 ------------
Knit together the stitch closest to the right tip on all three needles. Repeat this for the next stitch and then for the third stitch. On the third stitch, when you knit the stitch from the left needle, knit into the stitch below. (Unlike the 3-needle bind off, you won’t be binding off sts, just leaving them on the right needle after they’re knit.)

It might be easier to use dpns for this instead of cable needles because they’d be easier to hold.

Thanks for the info. I will try it this way. I’ll check out the video too !