Help with a Chevron

I want to make a single stitch Chevron blanket, The pattern calls for a multiple of 11. Then add 2 stitches to the end. So if I make a chain of 176 that’s a multiple of 11 but if I add the two chains at the end that brings the total to 178 which is not.
Then on the return it said to chain one then SC in the first chain from the hook. Each and every time I start over, it’s correct then the next row is off some where in the middle. Maybe I’m confusing the 1st stitch from the hook?

tlazer, I was hoping someone with more crochet experience would answer. I did find this site which has a clear drawing of the way to count sts from the hook (see Fig 3).
I wonder if the 2 extra sts after the cast on are edge sts which won’t actually count in the pattern stitch. Also, it’s possible that markers will help here to keep track of the pattern repeat as they certainly do in knitting.

What pattern are you using? You’ve probably solved the problem already.

Hi. I know how to crochet. Please post a link to your pattern or the name of it. So I can see what it’s supposed to look like!!