Help with a chart

Someone has asked me to help them with knitting a hat from a chart. I haven’t ever used a chart to knit before because I just prefer my instructions written out. I have a basic understanding of them, like the symbols, and work the rows right to left beginning at row 1 then row 2 left to right and so on. But this chart is for knitting in the round. There are “blank” spaces in the rows - nothing at all. :whoosh: Any help is appreciated.

Chart reading in the round is a little different you won’t read from the left to the right…only from the right to the left, since your not turning and working across the wrong side. The blank spaces usually mean no stich there (do to decreases etc)…once you start the hat and chart it should all fall into place :thumbsup:

If a whole row is blank, as in white, that usually means to knit. If there’s blank but gray boxes, that’s a no stitch box and you skip it.

:x: You sure have a complicted pattern as your first attempt. Looking at the pattern, it looks like it is grafted to show the shape of the hat as you knit around. Just ignore the blank spaces and continue on with the row. Use markers between the chart spaces and you should be alright.

As the others said, you just ignore the blank space. It’s just there because the hat isn’t a flat rectangular shape, but the paper the chart is on is a flat rectangular shape. Kind of the way a flat map of the globe sometimes has blank spaces at the top and bottom. It can be a bit challenging to train your eye to skip the white space, but once you get used to it, it’s not hard.

Also, you can always write out the instructions from the chart, and then knit from the written instructions. :slight_smile:

thanks to all. You guys are the best!!

When I knit from a graph I like to photocopy it and as I knit highlight the rows I have finished with a yellow highlight marker. I can still see what the pattern called for, and I know what I have done. A friend of mine likes to do something similar by putting the graph in a plastic sleeve and she uses a dry erase marker to mark off where she has been. I will admit with the dry marker it is easier (as in possible) when a mistake is made to go back and frog and just wipe the dry marker off.