Help with a chart

I’m doing a very simple knit and purl pattern. Here’s the chart, I just want to make sure I’m reading it right as it’s my first time reading a chart.

x o o x
x o o x
x x o o
x x o o
o x x o
o x x o
o o x x
o o x x

x = knit
o = purl

I am knitting straight, no circs. If I want to convert this would it be

Row 1 - k2 p2
Row 2 - k2 p2
Row 3 - p k2 p
Row 4 - k p2 k
Row 5 - p2 k2
Row 6 - p2 k2
Row 7 - p k2 p
Row 8 - k p2 k

Thanks for any assistance!

Row 7 would be kppk and row 8 would be pkkp for the knitting to look like the chart.

Oh, Ingrid, thank you–I knew you could help me! Yeah, I see where I messed up those last 2 rows now. Good thing I asked for help!

I thought all charts read rs right to left and ws left to right? :?? Am I reading this chart wrong?

This is not a real knitting chart–it’s more of an image of what the knitting will look like when it’s done.

OK, i get it i think. Should row 4 be pk2p? and row 7 and 8 kp2k? I get the rest of the rows. What am i doing wrong? :??

I read the chart from the bottom up.

the way I read it it looks like you are knitting a zig zag k pattern with a perl backround. If you follow candy’s advice and read the pattern left to right on thr right side and right to left on the perl side and remember the symbols change – on ther right side k=knit and o=purl on the wrong side k=purl and 0= knit try it I think it will work ellie

Hi, disregard my advice it is confusing and makes no sense at all. It looks like you are doing a modified rib stitch so if you k the k’s and purl the purl the p’s on the wrong side (even rows) and then move your k sts as indicated by your chart on the right side you should come out ok btw if you want a terrific book that has lots of charted designs (cables,lace, two color etc) go to Amazon .com and look at ‘charted knitting designs’ by Barbara Walker. have fun ellie :doh: