Help with a Cardigan

Okay Ladies here i go again … now … i have read this time and time again … and i still don’t know what the deal is … might be something simple … but i just don’t know … so this is the cardigan i am attempting to do okay here is where i am stuck …

I have started with the back and worked passed the armhole shaping. now this is where i am stuck … have 54 sts

Neck and shoulder shaping (RS): Bind off 5 sts at beg of
[LEFT]next 4 rows, [COLOR=blue](this is where i now have 34 sts left …)[/COLOR] then 5 sts at beg of next 2 rows AND AT THE SAME TIME, bind off center 14 sts and working both sides at once, bind off at each neck edge 5 sts once.[/LEFT]

[LEFT][COLOR=blue]Now i understand i have to bind off 5 sts begining of the next two rows … but i have to bind off center 14 sts this is where i’m confused and then the following instructuions … [/COLOR][/LEFT]

Do what it says, BO the center 14 sts and work both shoulders at the same time using 2 strands of yarn. You’ll be doing neck decreases on both the left and right sides of the necK (where you BO 14 sts) as well as decs on the armhole edges too.

Why wouldn’t they actually put on the instructions to add the other yarn ???

It’s where it says to work both sides at once. You can’t do that with just one strand of yarn.

boy i feel like a knit wit . hahahhaa

Most knitting and patterns are just common sense. Though I suppose if you’ve never come across a particular instruction before, it might throw you.

true very true … but when do i add the other yarn . ???

Hey, you’re not a nitwit :fingerwag: (although its ok to be knit wit:teehee:)–I had the exact same trouble with my sweater yesterday–and I didn’t know what it meant either :shrug: Pattern designers just assume everyone knows these things. Why don’t they say in the yarn yardage that you would need two yarn balls and THEN say: cast on with Yarn Ball 1 reserving Yarn Ball 2 for later work ?? (or something to that effect)


Thank you PurlyGyrl … it would be nice but i guess it’s a good thing that we have the knitting forums to help us … :slight_smile:

You can add the other yarn just at the BO.