Help with a cable

Please help… I have been knitting for quite some time and do not
understand this at all.

It reads. K 1 , K2nd st on LH needle tbl then k first w sts tog tbl

unless I am reading this incorrectly, how am I going to knit the
first two sts together when they are now on my right hand needle,
and secondly aren’t I going to decrease one st in each row I do this?

there are no increases anywhere else in the pattern to make up for
this decrease( if I am reading this right) this is a child’s trellis cable sweater pattern that I found on
Thanks for any help anyone has for me

You leave the sts on the left needle. I think you are misreading it… knit 1, forget about it for now, k the 2nd st that’s on the left needle, then knit it together with the 1st st you skipped over that’s still on the left needle. It’s not a decrease, just twisting the sts.

thanks so much, not sure if I still understand, but I will give it a try

It reads. K 1 , K2nd st on LH needle tbl then k first w sts tog tbl

Is this the Trellis sweater from Knitty? I just marked that as something I wanted to make and I noticed too that the descriptions for the stitches were a little foggy. Does it have a chart and you work from that for the pattern?

I think you have made some mistake in typing this out but you probably mean, “K1, K2nd stitch on LH needle tbl then K first 2 stitches tog tbl”. If it is the pattern I spoke of, the K1 is not part of the chart, but maybe they have you K1 before you start the chart.?

For the “K2nd st on LH needle tbl then K first 2 stitches tog tbl” I think what they mean for you do do is to leave the stitch near the tip of the LH needle untouched, go behind the left needle and knit into the back leg of the 2nd stitch, don’t take anything off the LH needle. Now knit through the stitch you skipped and the one you already knitted into, again, behind the needle into the back legs of the stitches. Do this like a knit 2 tog but through the back loop. It is not a decrease because you start with 2 stitches and end with two stitches.

It is the trellis sweater from Knitty. It has a chart to work from.
I think I understand your description a little better. thanks so much

That’s what I realized - the first k1 has nothing to do with the next 2 sts.