Help with a bergere pattern please

I am knitting a sweater pattern in the 2012-2013 Bergere pattern book and just cannot understand the instructions for decreasing for the raglan. The pattern states:

Every second row once 2 sts then once 1 St once 2 sts every 4th row, once 1 St every 2nd row, work 4 times total from * to *, ^once 1 St every 4th row, once 1 st every second row^, work twice total from ^ to ^ once 1st every 4th row.

Thank you.

Welcome to KnittingHelp!
I love Bergere patterns but sometimes they do make your head spin.
It seems to me that you decrease this way:
row 1 2sts
row 3 1st
row 7 2sts
row 9 1st
row 13 2sts
row 15 1st
row 19 2st
row 21 1st
row 25 2sts
row 27 1st
and then decrease one st on rows 31,33,37.39 and 43.

Thank you so much. You make it seem so simple. I have been trying to get my head round this for ages. even my knitting group haven’t been able to work it out!