Help with a baby sweater

I am trying to follow one of the many “5 hour baby sweater” variations - I’ve decided on this particular one here:

And I have the same problem with all of them, it’s all fine until row 26 (which I have now knit up to) and then I pretty much can’t visualise what is being said. Does anyone know of any video or picture instructions for this sweater? Or, if there is a patient knitter out there who could explain it to me in easier language? Like English? I mean - if anyone looks at those instructions how would you possibly end up with 139 stitches on row 30 if you had 131 on row 28 and you increase a stitch before and after every marker? It doesn’t make sense to me. Beyond that simple issue the sleeves are baffling to me… Maybe a baby sweater was a slightly ambitious first project, but I do know how to knit and purl, increase, etc… it seems to me that if these instructions were clearer than anyone would be able to follow them.


When you are finished with row 26 you have placed 4 markers and you have 123 stitches on your needle. In row 28 you increase 1 stitch before and after each marker which gives you 8 more stitches and 131 stitches on your needle. Then you repeat row 28 and increase another 8 stitches and that brings you to 139.

You should have 4 markers so if you inc before and after each one, that gives you 8 +131 = 139.

Then you knit across the front and the first sleeve sts, and I think this on has you knit the sleeve sts only until they’re done. Then you slip st your way back up the seam, closing it up, knit across the back sts and do the other sleeve the same way. When you’re done with that, work the other front sts. Then go on to knit the lower body of the sweater. You can cut the yarn when you’re done with the sleeves, leaving a tail long enough to seam them up.

Thank you! That is helpful. Another question - what is CO 2 sts?

These are the sleeves…

“Knit 22 sts and place on a holder or waste yarn. CO 2 sts and knit across the next 27 sts (first sleeve), CO 2 sts, Working with another set of needles and on these 31 sts, work in stockinette stitch for 22 rows.”

Thanks again!

Cast on 2 sts with your working yarn. Move the right needle to your left hand, use the knit or cable cast on to add 2 more sts, then switch the needle back to the right hand and k27 sts. Repeat.

I just wanted to thank you for explaining it in a way that I can understand and thanks to the original poster for asking exactly the question I came here to ask. I just couldn’t figure out how to cast on while already knitting and just you saying to move the right needle to my left hand finally made it make sense. Again, thank you so much.

Thanks for your help! I finally understand these directions now and am on my way to finishing my first baby sweater!

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