Help with a baby bootie pattern

Hi all!

I was hoping you could help me with the following pattern:

I have advanced to the first “sole” instruction, and I am stymied by the “at toe”. This doesn’t make sense. Starting to knit this first sole round, the ninth and tenth stitches are nowhere near the toe! Could it mean the ninth stitch on the second needle? That would put the decreases firmly at the toe area… does that make sense?

Thanks all!

I’d go with the stitches on the second needle. Since it says 9th and 10th stitches [I]at toe [/I]rather than the 9th and 10th stitch, then put your marker there.

Thanks a lot for confirming! I’ll try it, and we’ll see what happens…

By the way, the pattern has an alternate ending, kinda like a choose your own adventure in knitting! I’m tempted to try the kitchener stitch ending, although I’ll have to learn how to do it… any opinion on which would be nicer?

Kitchener leaves a beautiful, seamless join and that’s why it’s used for sock toes.

Since this is such a small area, it would be good practice if you want to try it, but somehow I don’t think a seam will bother an infant’s foot with the not walking thing. :teehee: