Help with a baby blanket, please!

Hi all,

I started knitting a baby blanket for my friend’s new baby! I looked the pattern over before starting and it seemed easy enough, but wouldn’t you know I managed to screw it up somewhere along the way!

The first 7 rows were done in a seed stitch, which I have down, no problems. The next two are supposed to be in stockinette stictch. I understand the stockinette stitch and can do it, but I dont know whether my first row of stockinette stitch should be knitting or purling, since there is no RS or WS of seed stitch, correct?

I am then supposed to change colors and do one row of K1, S1 purlwise with yarn in back, and the next row as K1, S1 purlwise with yarn in front. After I did these 11 rows, it didn’t look like the picture, where the pattern is supposed to create small X’s of the new color.

Here is a link to the pattern and photos:

Any help would be greatly appreciated!

Thanks so much!

“Work 6 rows in Seed st.
Next row (WS): Work in Seed st to last 7 sts, change to B, work last 7 sts in Seed st.
Note: Work as follows keeping first 7 sts in Seed st, and changing color at end of row before last 7 Seed sts with center 133 sts in Sl St Patt #1 or #2 as designated:
Stripe #2:
For center 133 sts, work Sl St Patt #1, Rows 3-18; beginning with B for MC, and using C for CC.”

Seed st doesn’t have a RS or WS but the pattern seems pretty definite about WS row followed by slip st pattern 1 which starts with 4 rows stockinette st.

Thanks for your reply! However, the first 4 rows of the slip stitch pattern #1 are 4 rows of stockinette stitch. As the pattern says to knit only rows 3-18 of the slip stitch pattern #1, I take it that rows 3 and 4 are stockinette stitch before the pattern. It just doesn’t tell me if I should start those two rows with the knit stitch or the purl stitch.

Am I reading it completely wrong? Any ideas?

Thanks again!

I just realized I skipped over the little WS designation on Row 7! So that means my first stockinette row in row 8 should be a knit row! I guess I was just not paying attention…

Thanks for your help!


according to the picture (which is a lovely blanket, btw!) the right side of the blanket is mostly stockinette stitch so the knit row would be on the right side and the purl row would be on the wrong side. In the instructions it says that the 7th row of seed stitch is a wrong side row, which means the first row of the pattern #1 would be a right side row and so it would be knit.

I hope this helps! Be sure to share a picture here of the finished blanket!