Help with 6/6 RC cable border?

I’ve finally finished all 20 squares :cheering: on the Great American Aran Afghan. Now I’m trying to get started on cable border which has completely frustrated me. Here is the pattern:

Row 1 and all RS rows (except 13): K16

Row 2 and all WS rows: K4, P12

Row 13: 6/6 RC, K4

I cannot wrap my mind around this cable, as every other cable I’ve done has always been in the middle of a row. This one starts at the beginning of the row, so when you slip your 1st 6 stitches, you are also slipping the first stitch which has your working yarn onto your cable needle. Then when you go to knit the other 6 on your LH needle, your working yarn gets really stretched across the back side and the stitches are so tight you can hardly slide them across the needles once you finish the cable.

I also tried doing a 6/6 LC, which actually looks more like the picture on the front of the pattern book and the stitches are not as tight.

Am I missing something here? Do you work cables differently when they’re at the beginning of a row?

I would love any suggestions or advice!

I’ve not come across a cable done at the beginning of a row before but I do have a suggestion nonetheless - have you considered slipping the first stitch and then doing the cable on the next 6/12 stitches?

The stitches will be tight when stretched, no matter what, as it’s the nature of the beast, (cabling).

Other than that, I dunno… :shrug:

I’d suggest you pm Silver–she did this afghan and would be able to tell you what’s supposed to happen. It looks like you may want that yarn to stretch across the back, effectively making the edge of the cable roll under–kind of like an icord.

Thanks for the suggestions. I did a couple more repeats doing the LC cable instead of the right, and it knits and looks much better. Not sure why I can’t get the RC cable to look right.

I’m getting ready to walk out the door right now, but I might PM Silver later and see what she thinks.

Thanks again!