Help with 2 colors?

I found a pattern for a dish cloth that I want to make. I want to do the background in one color and the butterfly in another. I’m just not sure how to do this. If anyone can help it would be greatly appreciated.
That is the pattern in case you need to see it.


That would require you to do an intarsia technique. Here is a link to the page with a video about this on this site. LINK Scroll down to some like, “How to Knit with 2 Colors at Once”. And then under that it says, “Intarsia Method”. You could do it that way but I don’t know that you would be real pleased with the result. The design is pretty complex for intarsia and will make the back side not look real great.

You could also do it as a duplicate stitch project. That is a kind of embroidery that goes right over the knit stitches and looks like it was knit in. If you used it you would need to do the cloth in stockinette stitch and put garter (or other flat stitch) borders all around it to keep it from curling. You would use the chart provided to do that.

I went back and noticed Barbara says you could do it in two colors. You might try asking her if she has ever done it and how she did it.

Personally I’d use stranding (Fair Isle) to do that. Amy has videos that show how it’s done. It’s easier than it looks

Stranding would leave, well, strands across the back. Intarsia would be the way I’d do it, but I’d probably make two and connect them back to back so both sides look nice.

Wouldn’t doing it in Fair Isle leave you with enormous floats across the back, unless you were careful to weave in the new color every couple of stitches,which also would not make the back very pretty?

I tend to agree with Merigold. This pattern doesn’t lend itself very well to two-color knitting. If you want a second color, you could embroider the edges or do some duplicate stitching on the body and antennae of the butterfly. But I do believe this is one time when modifying the pattern isn’t going to improve it.

Edited to say: Oops, Ingrid and I must have been writing at the same time. Her idea of making a backing for the piece sounds good.

If you opt for FI or Int you could make a back piece to cover the stranding, woven ends, etc. Below are pics of hotpad I did that on. Note that the backing will make it much thicker but it’s an option.


Thanks everyone. I think that I might do it with a back on it so that you don’t see all of the strands. I guess I will have to watch the videos very closely so that I don’t mess up.

Thanks again, I really appreciate it.