Help with 2/3 LC and 2/3 RC cable

I need help with 2/3 LC . I has been looking in the web with videos on how to knit them but I cannot find.

Does anyone can help me find them?

Thanks in advance.

Here’s a video for the 2/1 or 2 over 1 left cross cable.

Presumably, you’ll be crossing 2 sts over 3 but knowing the pattern will let us know for sure.
What is the name of your pattern?

Thanks for reply. I am working on Lace eater mashup in the third chart which has the first cable section. I has been finding small videos for each new stitch but cannot find any for 2/3 LC.

Let me review what you send and try to follow your directions.

Got it!!! Thanks a lot!!

Oh, good. The nice thing about charts and cable charts in particular is that they actually show the sts and the direction of the cross.

That’s a stunning and elegant shawl! I hope we get to see a photo when you finish.

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I will post it … I have some mistakes already as this it my more complex project since I started knitting. As you said it is so nice and delicate, that even the mistakes blend nicely in the lace pattern.

I hope that the final result shows as nice as the picture.