Help with 1st sweater!

I’m new to knitting and tackling a baby sweater. For the life of me I can’t figure out the pattern language. Can you please help?

Here is what it says:
Shape Raglan
Work 12 rows dec 1 st at each:roflhard: end of next and every foll alt row.
Since the decrease is to be 12 stitches and there are 12 rows to knit, I assume that there will be a decrease at the end of each row. Since its knit, purl and the shape would be / \ - I assume I would do k2tog for the decrease on the knit row, but what would be the decrease for the purl row?

Next troublesome spot is on the Left Front
Shape Raglan
Work 3 rows dec 1 st at raglan edge in 1st and following alternative row. Does this mean the first and third row? What is a raglan edge?

Finally … the dreaded AT SAME TIME
Work 5 rows dec 1 st at raglan edge in the next and every foll alt row AT THE SAME TIME dec 1 st neck edge in every row.

Any guidance would be appreciated! Kathie

No you don’t do the decs on every row here, ‘every foll alt row’ means every other row. So your ‘next row’ would be a RS row, then you do them on every RS row for 12 rows. You may want to do a ssk/skp at the beg of the rows, and the k2tog at the ends.

Now for the left front - dec at the sleeve edge (that’s the raglan) same as above, on the 1st and 3rd rows, and after that on the 5th row, continue to dec at the sleeve edge every other row, and ALSO begin the decs at the neck edge. The neck edge will be decreased every row, and you’d do a p2tog for them on the WS rows.

Thanks for responding. I understand how to do the decreases for the sleeves but I’m still confused about how to do the decrease for the neck. You say p2tog that I understand, but where in the row do you do it?

You’re doing stockinette so you’re knitting one row, purling one row. The dread “at the same time” directions (AT THE SAME TIME dec 1 st neck edge in every row) are telling you to decrease on each row at the neck edge, so you’ll have to knit 2 together on the knit row and purl 2 together on the next purl row etc.

There’s a series of decreases at the sleeve edge every other (the knit/RS) row and another set at the neck edge on every row.

If you mean where in the knit or purl row, it looks better to do the decreases a st in from the end. So you would work to three sts before the end, work the decrease and then work the last st. On the next row, work one st, decrease, and then work the rest of the row. If you need to later pick up sts along the neck edge, this way leaves a smoother edge to pick up in.

This will show you what a raglan sleeve is.