Help with 1 row

Does anyone know what decm means has this is the start of the pattern
54ch sc in 2nd ch from hook ,sc in next 7 ch, place marker, 9ch,sc in 2nd ch from hook,sc in next 7ch,decm,

What pattern are you making? Can you give us the name or a link to it, please?

I had 2 buy the pattern from rainbow valley crochet alphabet

Maybe this pattern?

I couldn’t find any information on the abbreviation decm. Have you checked at the beginning and end of the pattern for specific definitions? Can you send a message to the designer or to someone who has worked these patterns?

Without knowing what letter you’re working on, a wild guess. dec means decreas, m means marker, maybe you’re to place a marker where you’ll make a decrease. It could be a typo, too. Can you tell by looking at what you’re doing and the shape it would be what would make sense in that spot?

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