Help! WIP at standstill!

Hello all!

I’m working on this pattern below.

I’m to the part of working on the handles for the bag. I have the three sections on stitch holders and am working on the first section of one of the handles.

How do I get from “put these 9 st onto stitch holder” to “work remaining 3 groups of 25 sts the same.” ? Where will my working yarn come from if it’s at the top of the first section of the handle? I don’t know how that works.

Help please! This bag has taken me forever and I just want to finish it!!

Thank you very much!

break the yarn and add it to the next group of stiches.

But how do I add it? I don’t know how to do that.

add it like you were going to change colors. basically put those stitches that are on the holder back on to the needles and take the yarn and just start knitting with it. it will seem a bit loose at first but you can tighten that up when you weave in the stitches.

i do sometimes tie the ends into a loose knot to avoid that looseness at first and then just untie it later and weave it in but you don’t have to.

So before my first stitch, the working yarn will just be attached to the skein. It won’t be on the right-hand needle… is that what you’re saying?

Yes, you are right. You will start knitting directly from your skein. One thing that I always do when starting off like that, because the first stitches do tend to be very loose until weaving in because the loose end of the yarn is not attached to anything, is knit the first stitch with the yarn, then the next 3 or 4 stitches I knit with the working yarn AND the yarn tail. That way, the tail gets woven in and nothing remains loose and wonky.

Thank you both very very much. I just did it; I didn’t know it would be so simple.

Thank you both for your quick responses!!

Thank you for the tip to knit with both yarns to work in the tail. Great idea!

Thank you so much!!