Help whit the Marsan Watchcap

I’m making the watchcap but i don’t understand this.

After every marker SSK, (slip, slip, knit. Put the needle in the 2 stitches as if to slip them off the left needle on to the right one, but knit them together instead, This give you a left leaning decrease, and preserves the twisting of the stitch on top. Knit the rest of the stitches in pattern, till you get to the next marker.

is that the same as k2 together?

No, it’s about the same as skp - slip 1, knit 1, pass slipped st over. You can find a video for both here

thank you so much:)

i made this capa while ago and got stumped by the same thing. I got told to just do exactly what the instructions say and pretend that it doesnt look anything like any other term or instruction you may have come across. that way you get what the pattern wants.
it did work as well, i got a lovely hat.

Hmmmm, that isn’t how I interpreted it. I used this pattern for my 20+ yellow EMT hat. I did just what it says, slip a stitich, slip a stitch and then knit the two together. I pondered the whole "is this the same as “knit two together” but decided that there must be a difference in the angle you knit them together with slip slip knit.

ALthough I don’t know why slip one knit one psso wouldn’t do basically the same thing, you just may have a slightly different looking decrease.

They do look pretty much the same and if you look at how you make them, they’re made basically the same way. They both lean to the left, a k2tog leans to the right.