Help, where do i put these markers

hi am attempting my first sweater pattern. and am a little confused at the bottom of the second page it says to replace markers on row 1. so where exactly am i placing these markers?

here is a link to the pattern


work as set to 1 st before m,[B] slip next st to right needle, remove m,
slip the st back to left needle, pm, [/B]m1L, k3, remove marker, k1, m1R, pm,
rep from
one more time, work as set to end

Does that help? You’re just putting the marker you already have on the other side of the stitch.

Finding things in the pattern instructions can be like an Easter egg hunt.

see the problem im having is right before that it says replace the markers on row 1. is that an instruction? am i supposed to put more markers on my needle?

so as far as i can tell the instructions to replace markers on row 1. is just a reminder that the markers need to be back on the needles and not to forgot to put them as where indicated. am i right?

[U][B]replace markers on row 1[/B][/U]

This part? Yeah, it’s a header that tells you what comes next.

thanks so much i got it now. have to stop second guessing myself.

You’re welcome, np. That’s me too. I do the same kind of thing. All too often I feel I’m searching for buried treasure, videos are the same way, the part I need is hidden in some middle part and I can’t find it again. Knit and learn. :slight_smile: