Help, What to do when You dont have ball winder?

Here’s a page on how to make your own swift if you maybe wanted to try this for the future. It looks pretty easy, and I think I am going to do this myself. I asked the lady at my LYS on a day that NOBODY was in the shop (she admitted that they were dead that day), and when I asked her if she could wind up my lace-weight hank for me, she made this horrible face, so I nixed the idea and vowed I would do it myself from then on rather than ask. Here’s a link too on how to make a ball winder, which I may try out myself too (scroll down to the October 16, 2005 blog entry). I don’t know if any of this will help, but I thought I’d mention it. :heart:

making a Center Pull Ball is as easy as making a regular ball of yarn, you just do the first few yards differently
I like doing them too


I saw this somewhere and it works well if you don’t have a winder. Take the top off of an empty prescription medicine bottle (a small one). Put an inch or two of the yarn in the bottle and re-cap it. Wind the yarn around the bottle until it’s used up and then remove the bottle cap and then the whole bottle. The yarn that was in the bottle is now at the center of the ball ready to pull. My LYS is very nice about winding for you too.
Susan in NC :muah: