Help, What to do when You dont have ball winder?

So I am getting some yarn that isnt in a center pull ball and not sure where to take it. Has anyone ever taken their yarn to the LYS to get wound up in a center pull before? Im hoping the horribly rude LYS by me would do it for a small fee :shrug:

well i was thinking maybe you could take it to the LYS until i saw that “horribly rude” note. I know my LYS would do it because i spend a ton of money there and they aren’t so daft as to think that people don’t go to the other LYSs in town. I would think the friendly stores would do it…if they are already rude…:shrug: have you tried Amy’s center pull ball video?

I used Amy’s video to make mine… mom and I now have ball winder and swift we share… its at my house now :teehee: I buy the most yarn… you can always ask the LYS and see… but I don’t think mine would if the yarn didn’t come from them… :shrug:

pffft yeah but yours wants to charge a cover charge for a sit n knit…bah! :!!!:

Yeah, definitely check out Amy’s video. It’s easy and fun to make 'em yourself.

I actually like to wind the yarn myself (having a few hanks of yarn that needing to be balled). I just wind it into a regular ball of yarn, and then put that ball in lined basket, a bowl or a jar and then knit away with it. As long as the ball is contained, it doesn’t roll away, and it doesn’t tangle at all. AND it sure looks pretty in baskets, stored this way.


:pout: I wanna open my own LYS with coffee [size=1]even though I don’t drink coffee[/size] and books… and lots of pretty yarn… and comfy chairs so you can come in for free and chat and knit… and meet new people… :!!!:

and a little daycare center thing for SAHM :teehee: cause I’ll have my kids with me…

I don’t drink books either. Don’t think many do. :teehee:

Could we have free doughnuts too? I’m not a social knitter, but treats would be hard to resist. :wink:

I totally want to do the same thing! I want to open a nice, happy, friendly place for people to come and enjoy. I dont want my customers to be afraid to come in because Im horribly rude and cliche’. Maybe I’ll call around and see if I can get it done for free, and if not, I’ll make one myself. Thanks Ladies!!

I use Amy’s video for the center pull ball and it works fine. I’m sure it would be a pita to do it if the hank is huge, but it is possible.

Up until christmas, I was using the technique from the video too. It works just fine, but was a bit tedious with larger hanks or lace weights. DH got me a ball winder for christmas, and I love it.


Not to highjack a thread here, but…

I did get a ball winder for Christmas. I don’t have a swift though. Am I going to be able to wind my hanks into balls with my ball winder?

yeah it is just a slower process than what it would be with a swift. I would think you could still do it by whatever method you were using before (wrapped around hands, the back of a chair. knees, whatever)

Before I got my ballwinder I wound it around my hand. It wasn’t the prettiest or the fastest but it worked. Hold one end with your thumb and then wind the yarn around your fingers in a sort of x pattern. Sometimes leaning to the left, sometimes leaning to the right. You could also make a nostpine, a stick to wind it on so its not stuck around your hand.

As for a ballwinder with no swift, you just have to keep the yarn from getting tangled. The back of a chair or anything that will neatly hold the yarn will work. Then lift off the strand of yarn and feed it to the ballwinder. It’ll go as fast as you can feed the yarn.

Good news. Thanks! (I was thinking of using my 9-year-old daughter as my swift!)

if you can get her spinning like a swift you are golden.

might want to hang on to her when she gets up to walk away though! :teehee:

I feel blessed that my LYS will let me wind there even if I didn’t buy it there. I always buy a little something though just to show how grateful I am. But now that I have gone on a yarn shopping bonanza I think I need a swift and winder of my own!

A winder and swift are def. on my list of things to get.

Arent kids for such things as helping wind yarn :shrug: :teehee:

I felt awkward when putting down my skein on a chair or whatever and it was tangling, so I held it in one hand, hanging down toward the floor, and carefully allowed strands to slip off my hand (didn’t clench my hand or wrap my fingers around the wool) as I wound with the other hand. I think it wasn’t the perfect solution but I like rewinding my balls multiple times anyway (to make sure they’re as loose as possible and the wool doesn’t get stretched. Also because turning the handle and watching a ball grow is such fun).

For centre-pull balls that have space in the centre (to stop straining the wool) I suggest a cardboard tube, like from tinfoil, Glad Wrap, or loo paper (from a roll that hasn’t been in the toilet yet!) with a slit cut vertically into one end, going toward the other end. This doesn’t need to be a long cut because you’re just going to use it to hold one end. Don’t just wind randomly, carefully form a nice ball, and do it loosely. Then slip it off carefully when finished.


I just used Amy’s video on how to make a center-pull ball.